Choosing floor coating for your garage

If you are going to buy a car in the near future or you already have one, then it is important to make a proper place for your future vehicle. The best option is to buy or build a garage that will protect your say beloved new or used Toyota RAV4 against theft, the weather, insects or animals. Of course, in the absence of such a possibility, it is necessary to find at least a guarded parking lot, and better still if such a parking lot is roofed. However, if you can afford it, it is better to opt for a car garage where you will be able to park your car and have all the tools at hand for minor repairs.

Therefore, when choosing a garage for a car, you should pay attention to the floor coating as it is very important, what material it is made of. What’s more, you should choose the floor coating responsibly just as you chose parquet or laminate for your own house.

It is very important for the floor coating in the garage to have the ability to withstand a long operational process and to withstand heavy loads. It should not be exposed to flammable liquids and be resistant to high temperatures and fire. It is also important that the floor of the garage is not affected by moisture and is not destroyed due to mechanical loads.


As you can see, the requirements are quite tough, so the procedure of choosing a floor coating should be conducted with utmost care.

Most often, in garages, you can find a concrete floor, as this is the cheapest option. It is tough, reliable and will last for a long time, but there is one drawback. If you spill oil or some other substance on such a concrete floor, the stain will remain forever. What’s more, a concrete floor absorbs various smells very well so you should be careful not to smudge it with some stinky stuff.
Alternatively, you can get a cement screed. This is almost the same as a concrete floor, but the difference is that the top is made of slurry. The advantage here is the absence of dust.

Sometimes you can find wooden floor in a garage. This is the worst thing that you can do to your garage floor. Not only is this floor unreliable, it is also not safe and it perfectly absorbs all flammable substances and is not resistant to mechanical stress.

The best option would be the polymeric floor. It withstands heavy loads, it is durable, and it withstands various temperatures and does not collapse under their influence. It also does not absorb odors; it copes with moisture and is not subject to mechanical loads. However, the disadvantage of this coating is its cost. Such a floor would cost more than the options mentioned above. However, it is only up to which type of floor coating to choose!

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