All you need to know about Flipkart

Flipkart Company is founded by two Indians but it was not registered in India. Because of some Taxation issues, it is registered in Singapore but is headquartered in Bangalore (Flipkart Head Office Address). Flipkart changed its logo 6 times from 2007 to 2015.

  • Flipkart’s first customer was a freelance web consultant, VVK Chandra from Mahabubnagar, Telangana, India. One day Sachin Bansal left flipkart’surl as comment on Chandra’s personal Blog. At that time Chandra was looking for a book ‘Leaving Microsoft to Change the World’ which he incidentally found at flipkart. At that time Bansal’s didn’t stocked any books but used to source it from the market. They managed to send the book to the blogger within two days that too at 10 per cent discount. He was impressed and happy to find his book.
  • If a company has very talented and hard work employees it can attain their goal in short period and can reach at great heights. So there is talking about Flipkart’s first full-time Employee who was AmburIyyappaas he lost his job from first fight couriers as a key account relationship manager. In 2009, first fight courier used to be the freight partner of Flipkart Company. One of the Flipkart delivery boy referred Iyyappa to Flipkart and this is how he got recruited as a first employee of the company. That time his salary was less thanRs 8000 per month. But he could manage all orders and mails everything manually so the company increased his salary almost 10 times in one year.

  • Every E-commerce company should have two features i.e. different mode of payment and place the order in time. In order to make Flipkart convenient for users, they embedded cash on delivery and payment by card mode. They also overcome the delivery problem by the introducing own supply chain management system.
  • So far every company has faced a number of problems or criticism to attain the goal. Even Flipkart has faced criticisms when they launched ‘Big Billion Day’.  The sale was considered as mismanagement and incapability of Flipkart to host huge volume of traffic of customers. Many customers were unable to place their order because of high server load and errors. Most products were sold at much lesser prices from their standard price. A number of customers received cancellation mails for their orders. Competitors lodged complaints against Flipkart for anti-competitive behavior.

What makes Flipkart really good and stand apart from other competition is its 24X7 support system to contact flipkart customer care. Customers can call them or mail them for any query regarding their orders.

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