Can You Increase Your Profits by Refurbishing Your Office?

Yes, you can increase your profits by refurbishing your office. As the owner or operator of a business, you have the express responsibility to make money for your company; if you have a publicly-traded company, you might even have a legal obligation to make as much money as possible. Financial rules apply to different businesses in different ways, but they all encourage you to make as much money as you possibly can while still acting ethically. Profit is simply defined as all of the money you make above the expenses of your business. Once you cover all of your expenses with your income, everything else is profit. So, the way to boost your profits is to increase your revenue or decrease your expenses. Increasing your revenue is sometimes difficult because you cannot control the way customers or clients might act; they act in different ways depending on thousands of different circumstances. You can, however, control the amount of money you spend.

Your Expenses

Your expenses fall into two categories: non-discretionary and discretionary. Non-discretionary spending is the spending that you cannot change. You cannot alter your rent or your property taxes, for example, and you also cannot avoid paying them. You do not have discretion over those expenses; they’re the same every year and they must be paid. The alternative is discretionary spending; this is the spending you do have control over.

Discretionary spending covers expenses such as your utility costs, toner for the copier, and things on which you don’t absolutely have to spend to spend money. While there are some expenses that tend to toe the line between discretionary and non-discretionary spending, there are still ways to affect them. You cannot completely eliminate utility costs and you cannot refuse to pay them, but you can reduce them. Here is how you can reduce your utilities and a few other expenses.

Office Fitout

Saracen Interiors is a company that offers office fit-outs to change the way your office looks and operates. If you want to reduce your expenses, you should seriously consider ways to reduce your spending on utilities. Your heating and air conditioning expenses are huge costs that you need to address and lower if possible. One of the best ways to do so is by making sure your walls are properly insulated. When you talk with the designer who is working on your office refurbishment, you should definitely inform them that you want to do as much as possible to reduce the costs of your heating and cooling. Heating and cooling are expensive because of thermal bridges and inefficiencies in the appliances.

Thermal bridges are places that allow heat to pass through with greater ease than they do in other parts of your office. Windows are great examples of thermal bridges; they allow hot air to get in during the summer and allow warm air to escape during the winter. There’s no way to completely eliminate thermal bridges, but if you work with a great designer, you will be able to get some quality materials that can help reduce their effects. If you get quality materials to help reduce the effects of thermal bridges, you can save a lot of money on heating and cooling.

Some recent research has suggested that about 40% of all heat is lost through the walls and windows of a building. If you can reduce the amount of heat being lost by half, you could retain 20% more heat. Theoretically, that would translate into 20% lower heating and cooling costs. Working with a great designer is the best way to get access to the best insulators. Furthermore, you need to work with a great designer to get the best appliances.

Efficient Appliances

Efficient appliances are incredibly important. A large amount of the expense of heating and cooling your office actually comes from your appliances not working efficiently. First and foremost, you need to make sure you are keeping your intake filters clean. When the filter is not clean, it cannot properly take in air. That requires the machine to work much harder and expend more energy, which translates into greater expenses for you. You’ll have to pay more day to day to keep the machine running and then pay more to repair it due to all of the extra work it has undertaken.

So, a more energy-efficient system will save you money on top of all the money you save due to insulation. An energy-efficient system is one that uses lightweight materials so that it does not take as much energy to run the machine; it uses energy as efficiently as possible and has design features that help reduce energy output.

The design features that can reduce energy output are probably the most important. When you are designing your office with the help of a professional, you should tell them that you want to keep energy efficiency in mind. There are ways to make your system more efficient just by changing the direction in which it works. For example, if your office is always warmer than you would like, putting the intake filter as low as possible will help. Heat rises, so the air near the floor or on the bottom of the building is going to be cooler than the air higher up. If you intake cooler air, it does not require as much energy to cool it to the desired temperature. Also, depending on how cool you would like the air, you could even run it with just the fan to bring cooler air from the ground level up to higher levels. That will be a very low-cost way to cool your office.

There are dozens of other things a design specialist can do to help you keep your prices low. The shape of your office actually affects how well you can heat and cool it. For example, furniture items act as insulation; the more furniture you have, the more heat will be retained. If you want to keep your office warm, your designer might suggest that a lot of furniture be placed near windows and vents. They will absorb ambient heat and insulate the room. Alternately, open floor plans help a room stay much cooler.


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