Top Online Trading Platforms Zerodha Review

Based in Bangalore, it has branches at Ahmadabad, Pune, Hyderabad, Kochi, Kanyakumari, Coimbatore, Salem, Hubli, Vijayawada, and more places. Zerodha is one of the biggest online brokers for stock market trading in India. They offer brokerage-free equity investment which makes them sought after. You can also indulge in currencies and commodities trading. It contributes as much as 5% of the retail trading volumes of the Indian stock exchange with the daily turnovers in buying and selling exceeding $2 billion.

Goodness of Zerodha

In this Zerodha Review, you can see why this broking house has so much acclaim and how you can benefit by opening an account with them. First, the brokerage charges remain equal to or lower than Rs 20 per trade. So, you need to pay 0.10% of the turnover of the equity delivery or Rs 20 (lower of the two amounts), and 0.01% for all the other trades involving Equity intraday, Equity future, Equity options, Currency futures, Currency options, and Commodity.

The other charges you must pay include the Stamp Duty, Security Transaction Tax, SEBI Expenses, Service tax, and Transaction Fees. The Stamp Duty changes for every state in India but they charge it at 0.01% or Rs 50 for each contract. You can open an account with an address proof, a photograph, and two cheques – one blank cancelled and other filled for the opening fee.

Many Options for trading

The many platforms meant for trading helps Zerodha become the number one trading platform in the country. These platforms include the desktop application Zerodha Trader Platform, web platform Z5 Trading platform, and the Mobile Trading Platform. Other than these, you can use the plug-in to log in to the platform or use the offline trading option. In the offline trading, you must pay Rs 20 per call for your Call and Trade.

As mentioned above in this Zerodha Review, the huge participation amounting to 200,000 customers indulge in trade in equities amounting to Rs 10,000 -12,000 crore INR and in commodities amounting to 1000 crore INR. The best things about using the Zerodha trading platform includes the low charges of Rs 20 (or lower) for stocks, commodity, currency, and F&O trading, use of web-based platforms, mobile platforms, and desktop platforms for conducting the trades, and the use of a variety of platforms such as Zerodha Kite and Zerodha Pi for trading.

Zerodha Pi and Kite

Zerodha Kite is a multi-language, low bandwidth trading platform. It is web-based and lightweight making its use very practicable from all forms such as web or mobile. The Zerodha Pi has plenty of tools and amenities that help in the trade. The advanced tools that the traders can use include Options Strategy, Market Monitor, algoZ, and SPAN calculator.

The 60-day motivational challenge is unique and makes it one of the best in the field. This trading platform is so popular due to its low brokerage and low upfront fee without any contract charges. It has its own DP service. It is the first to offer NRI trading services. But, it does not have monthly plans. The customer service section is not so good. But, the margin platforms and the trading platforms are user-friendly.

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