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In the muscle building industry, there are hundreds of anabolic steroids we can see in the list. Have you ever tried any of them? If not, then you have come to the right place. Here, you will be going to know about the popular steroid, which is known as Primobolan. Its complete name is Primobolan Enanthate. We can also call it as methenolone enanthate or Primobolan Depot. It is a sister to the oral version, called as Methenolone Acetate. If you see the rating, then they have the same rate in androgenic and anabolic potential. The major difference is that Primobolan Enanthate seems to be an injectable version of the steroid. So, start reading the Primobolan review to get complete information about it:

What is the Primobolan?              

Primobolan is the base drug. When it comes to the enanthate or acetate attached to it, it is its ester or esterified form. What are the esters? They are the agents that change the rate of the absorption and half-life of a steroid. Among both of these esters, the acetate ester is called to be immediate acting. But it will not last like the enanthate ester. So, the steroids having anabolic and androgenic properties with longer acting esters are popular and preferred. The reason is that the injections do not need to be given as often. The enanthate ester offers a release time, which lasts anywhere from 8 to 10 days, which is the average time period. While on the other hand, the acetate ester may just last 2 or 3 days.

What factors affect the efficacy of the drug?

There are a lot of factors that can affect the efficacy and half-life of the drug. These are gender, age, body composition, metabolism, and many others.

Risks associated with use

When you are willing to use, you should take care of your health also. It means that at the same time, you need to consider its risks as well. Methenolone enanthate may potentially serve as a carcinogen. Females with pregnancy and breastfeeding are not allowed to take it because it may create damage to the fetal growth. At the same time, it can also interfere with fertility.

As compared to the sibling Primobolan acetate in the oral form, it is not known to be specifically strong in androgenic features that reduce the potential for growth of estrogen-like activity in the body. It means that the reduced risk of water retention, gynecomastia, and bloating. It does not mean that these risks always happen.

Dosage of the Primobolan  

Are you willing to know the dose? One can have a chance to come across many suggestions related to the personal preferences and results. Every user may get not different outcomes, but different negative effects as well that depends on the dose. With the Primobolan review, it is good to know its recommended dose. Athletes using a Methenolone enanthate cycle often inject much higher as compared to the suggested dose that may average anywhere from 200 mg a week to 400 mg a week.  For more info, visit online.

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