The BowFlex Treadclimber TC100 is one of the popular machines that can help you to burn the unwanted calories. This is the new model which is replaced by BowFlex Treadclimber TC10. This new machine combines the functionality of the 3 individual machines for the maximum effects. Those machines are:

§  Elliptical machine

§  Stair climber

§  Treadmill

This type of three in one machine is mainly created for the home exercise. This machine may help you in keeping fir and in burning up the calories within short period of time. The centre part of this machine is divided into two segments like each of your feet. So that each feet has its own individual moving mat, where you can walk on it. The rhythmic pattern movement also occurs while these mats rise up and down.

This is the perfect machine that offers you more opportunities that can cause better effects while compared with the treadmill. In the normal treadmill, there may be only one option for movement. This range of alternative movements is the main factor to maintain the consistence and motivation in the fitness routine, especially at home. The elliptical machine creates the gliding motion of this tread climber. This gliding machine is then used for the low impact exercise and this machine is easier for the work out when compared with the treadmills.

The action of the simulated stair climb in the BowFlex Treadclimber TC100 is the way better than the climbing the stairs. In fact, exercising in this machine is better than doing the actual thing, since you will not force your muscles to apply too much of force. This may cause the join inflammation. Other than that, the part of the machine that simulates the stair steps is somewhat expensive. This machine also targets every muscles of chest through routine. The popularity of this machine is increased. This is because, the customers feels that they lose more weight in short span of time by working out in this machine. Also this machine has lot of benefits that helps the customers to burn more calories than they actually expected.

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