Living Life to the Fullest at Surry Hills

You should check out the bars Surry Hills has in its neighborhood if you are in New South Wales Australia and looking for a lively place to enjoy the night. Surry Hills is a spirited Sydney eastern suburban area at the south-east of the central business region. A quick area tip, you’ll find Moore Park at the east and Haymarket at the west.

The Vibrant Neighborhood

This suburb is a peppy region which conducts events such as the Surry Hills Markets; you’ll find the corner of Crown Street at the Shannon Reserve teeming with people every first Saturday of the month because of it. Another noteworthy occasion for the locals and tourists alike is the Surry Hills Festival. It is an annual community gathering at Ward Park and Shannon Reserve.

A place with a long commercial and industrial history. Different from what it looks these days, the place during the nineteenth century was depicted as a contrasting mix of the homes of the working class and the wealthy businessmen. Surry Hills underwent a lot of development in the succeeding years; and after the World War II there was an influx of new settlers due to the low cost of property ownership and accommodation. At present, Surry Hills is a haven for the young working class and a bustling metropolis. A far cry from the farmland that it used to be.

Traveling also is never a chore, unlike in some country suburbs since the Central Railway station is just at the west of Surry. You’ll also find a lot of buses mostly from the State Transit Authority. Also, the place has networks of cycle-ways and is just a walk from Sydney. You could try biking should you wish to look around and try something different for a mode of travel.

Also, a center for fashion activities, it is noteworthy to state that Surry Hills is a melting pot of a myriad of social groups. With its long and dynamic history of being an industrial area, a lot of human activity has brought the place to life be it day or night. Aside from market events during the day, the bars Surry Hills have brought a different color to the vibrant suburb.

A Plethora of Bars

Pubs offer a “feast for the eyes” at night. You should expect to see lot of bars since Surry Hills has long been a commercial area for the working class. If you are looking for socialization, someone similar as you, you’ll sure to find one as it is also frequented by various industry groups from the nearby business district. Whether you are a tourist who would like to be entertained, you can choose from a plethora of bars and pub. From Victorian era looking to the modern looking, you name it, Surry has it. Competition, has led to the refurbishing of some old embellishments. These structures were turned into bars to entice customers. Indeed, most are a sight to behold and you’ll come back not only for the great tasting beer or alcoholic drink but because of the ambiance that the place has.

Why not indulge yourself with a cold beer or cocktail after a long hard day of work? Life is short and rest as well as relaxation is essential for you to prevent burn out. It helps if you loosen up a bit every once in a while. Work can load you up with incessant stress and it is essential that you give yourself time to socialize and meet acquaintances. With wide array of cocktails that bars at Surry Hills could provide you with, it is quite sure that every night will be a different experience.


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