The entertaining game by a successful game developer

Another product of the fabulous and successful “Clash of Clans” online game and game application is clash royale. The interesting news about the game is it is developed with the same theme of clash of clans. Like Clash of Clans it is a strategical game play and the player will experience the card-based game play. The interest of the game is in the card collection and troop deployment. The player has to play in a way to know and understand how to collect the card and where to position the troops. The card collection and equipping the troop and deploying the troop is not easy, the efforts taken to collect the card and position the troops and forming the clans to attack the opponents makes an entertaining game play.

The player will have to build deck of cards and use the troops to attack the opponents, where as if the enemy troop is more powerful the player will have to add more power to position the troop against the opponent. Initially the game was released in selected countries but later they planned and released worldwide. There is no in-app purchase in clash royale game like clash of clans and the game is free to download and use. Since it is a car-based game, the experienced card game players will think that it is going to be easy, but it is really not.

clash-royalIf so it will not be interested to play. Collecting card is not very easy. In the first two minutes of the game you use your card and start to attack the enemy and seize his tower, winning easily. Then after passing the two minutes you have strong battles to face, to conquer the battles quickly, use clash royal triche and make the game more interesting.

Protecting your own tower and focusing on opponents tower, setting up the army and positioning them in a right place against the threats is the whole lot of strategy in the game. The person who destroys more towers wins the game. You have to destroy the King tower of your opponent and when you keep on grabbing the towers you will be rewarded with chests and gold. To win more chests and gold the clash royal triche tool will be highly helpful. This tool is available in many sites with similar procedures. This will help you to earn more chests and gold. The more towers you conquer the more gold and chests you earn. Using the chests and gold you will be able to set up troops and conquer the powerful opponents.

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