Steps to waterproof your awnings

The rain has already started to come down in specific areas of the country and the remaining geographic locations are definite to notice some amount of rainfall in the coming months. If you have an awning covering your backyard, it’s a brave notion to waterproof your awning to let yourself to enjoy your patio space during the rainy season. Waterproofing awning canvas is a very easy procedure and can assist you to save the day when a rain shower comes unheralded! All you will require is some regular cleaning supplies, bleach, an empty spray bottle, and a can of waterproofing liquid. Go through the full-details before you get started to ensure that you don’t meet by chance any unforeseen twists!

Cleaning your awning before you put the waterproofing element will make sure that you don’t for the entire time hemmed any stains in your awnings finish. First, take a bucket of soapy water. You can use laundry detergent or dish soap to get some nice lather going. Use a soft brush that won’t damage or tear your awning fabric or rub your awning in a circular movement for removing any grime, stains, or dirt that has collected over the years. When complete, wash away with a garden hose.

As with any project, keeping a clean and tidy work environment is the main to attaining an outcome that is value displaying to your friends. You will need to safeguard the surrounding area to stop any discolouring caused by the waterproofing liquids. To do so, cover any exterior walls, windows and paths using a thin sheet of painters plastic. Once you have arranged your work area, you start the waterproofing procedure.

Waterproofing is justly easy and direct but it is essential that you are aware of the small particulars. We suggest using a petroleum-based waterproofing liquid. There are variants of brands out there that you can select from so there is room to play around. Ensure that you do your homework to give an assurance that the liquid you select is applicable to the fabric that you awning uses! Put the liquid in a spray bottle to lessen the clean up time. Start by spraying an early coat of your waterproofing liquid on your awning. Spray with a free hand but keep away to overspray which will cause the liquid to run. Keep in mind; you will be going over this earlier coat with a second layer to make sure that a water-tight seal.

Eventually, go over your earlier work to fill in any small holes or gaps. It’s notable that you hide any spots that could possible let water to ooze through. If you fail to do so, your waterproof awning will have some holes in its protective covering. Let the final coat to dry for 4 hours. Afterwards you can use your garden hose to run water across the canvas to ensure that you have produced a nice seal. Gradually, wait for the rain to come with a pleasing smile on your face.

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