Things to remember when gifting hampers

We are often at a loss as to what would make the perfect gift, especially when it comes to a formal occasion. If you are facing a similar dilemma regarding gifting then a really good option for you would be to go with hampers.

Hampers are little treasure troves in the world of gifts. Whether it may be small or large, these beautifully decorated delights are something that everyone will love to receive as a gift. And not just that, if you want to convey your wishes to someone who leaves in a different city, then you can always send hampers by post!

Here are a few things that you need to remember when it comes to gifting hampers:


  1. What your hamper will contain will be determined by the occasion. For example if you are sending a hamper to someone for their birthday then you can always fill it up with chocolates and a gift that you have bought for them. You can also make a small hamper with a gift of your choice and send it to them or gift them personally. In case of formal occasions, it is always best to go with hampers that contain miscellaneous items.
  2. When it comes to filling up your hamper with gifts you also need to take into account the age of the person for whom it is meant. When it is for a child, chocolates and toys or colouring books are a very good option. In case of an adult general items like note pads, chocolates, gadgets etc can also fill up the hamper. Thus always keep the age of the person in mind for whom the hamper is meant.
  3. If you want to have the hampers delivered, then make sure that you give proper instructions to the delivery company as to how you want it to be packed and wrapped. Make sure that you attach a card along with it that mentions your name so that the one who receives it knows that it is from you. Do not ever send a hamper without a card that mentions your name. You can also attach a special message along with it to make it all the more personal.
  4. In case of hampers as gifts, always keep in mind what the person likes and dislikes for whom it is meant. If you know that the person in question likes chocolates then do make sure that there are enough chocolates in it. If the person likes home decor items like candles and knick knacks then find a room for them in your hamper as well.
  5. Do not try to gift wrap hampers since that will make them look really ugly. Simply use cellophane paper and bow to make the entire package beautiful. You can also use ribbons of different colours to make your hamper look attractive. If you are planning to send food items like cakes and fruits in the hamper, then they should be fresh.

Hampers are one of best options when it comes to gifts. So if you are planning to gift someone a hamper for a special occasion, make sure that you keep these points in mind.

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