How to have a solid intake of food during stages of pregnancy?

Being pregnant is one of the biggest joys a woman experiences.  A joy of love and life. However, one should take good care of herself when it comes to pregnancy, because at this crucial time you need to provide nutrition to both, your body and also the growing baby inside you. What you eat, has a direct effect on the living being breathing within you, ignoring and not monitoring your eating habits will definitely be bad for your mother and baby. Having healthy food habits during pregnancy ensures good health to both-the fetus and the mother.

In the following article, we will go through the recipes for pregnant women. We can easily learn from the doctor the amount of each nutrient one should consume each day for a healthy body, but it is important to pay Attention to the form in which you take these nutrients. The best form is the one which is both- nutritious and tasty.

Adequate amounts of proteins, iron, calcium, fiber, folic acid and vitamins like A, B complex and vitamin C are basic nutrients your diet should contain. These are necessary for a healthy growing fetus throughout the course of nine months. Water is one thing which should be consummated in adequate quantities during the stage of pregnancy and ideally you should drink somewhere between 8 to 10 glasses of water daily.

To start with iron which is necessary for a good hemoglobin level, should be consumed in many forms. Recipes like Chawli masoor dal, Spinach Dosa, methi crispies are rich in iron. When a mother wishes to eat something sweet, she should eat mix nut barfi, nut laddoo and til chikki to meet the iron demands of the body.

Natural-Remedies for-Pregnancy

Calcium is another important nutrient, which should be consumed in adequate amounts to meet the body needs. This nutrient is important for growth of fetus bones, teeth and also to ensure a healthy production of breast milk. The daily intake of calcium should be 1200 mg. There are many ways to meet the calcium requirements of the body. All types of paneer dishes like shahi paneer, palak paneer (not very spicy) is the best method. Curd also should be consumed in each meal that you take. Baby corn salad is also rich in calcium. Leg cramps is a common complain that a pregnant woman make, this is due to calcium deficiency.

There are infinite healthy recipes for pregnancy, so one should not fuss over the same as there are many options in which you can intake each nutrient. A pregnant woman should also have a good fiber content, this can be met through pulses, cereals, apples, grapes etc.

Barley khichdi, salad, tomato salad, bajra roti, oats, jiggery, kesar milk are various other food items a pregnant woman should consume,

Thus, we see there are many recipes which are both rich in nutrient, rich in taste that a woman should eat to ensure healthy living of herself and the baby inside the womb. Apart from healthy eating habits, a woman should also pay attention to yoga and exercises, proper exercise can be learned through youtube and are very beneficial for a pregnant woman. AN expecting woman should always keep smiling, eat healthy, breathe healthy and feel healthy for the proper nourishment of her baby.

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