The Advantages Associated With The Use Of A Nursing Pillow

The arrival of a new born baby brings with it a sense of excitement, nervousness and happiness. New mothers who have done the hard work are exhausted naturally and need to start the process of breastfeeding soon. Colostrum, is the first milk which is secreted at the time of birth is considered beneficial for the health of the baby.

There are many items in the market which aid the process of breastfeeding. Some of them are widely in use such as a breast pump, but what is a matter of surprise is that many first time moms are not aware of the benefits of nursing pillow. It is also referred to as a breastfeeding pillow as the position of the baby is important to obtain a proper latch. So what are the benefits of using a nursing pillow, let us understand it

During pregnancy

Backaches along with other discomforts are common during the course of pregnancy. This worsens in the last stages of pregnancy when the baby bump is huge. How to use a nursing pillow during pregnancy, will help you to support your back. It can also be kept between your legs or under your belly when you are sleeping on the side.

During the stages of breastfeeding

  • It does help the baby to latch on properly- the body position while holding the baby is important for a proper latch. This can be attained easily with the help of a nursing pillow. Both you along with your baby will be comfortable during breastfeeding especially if you have delivered through C section.
  • It contributes to the process of bottle feeding- the head of the baby will be nicely supported when you are using a nursing pillow and this will enable him or her to feed comfortably from the bottle.
  • A certain amount of relief is provided from reflux- Most of the babies are known to suffer from colic and they are very cranky about it. When you hold up the baby while feeding will give him or her some form of comfort from reflux. With the help of a nursing pillow, the head of the baby will be in the perfect position which will reduce the discomfort of reflux.
  • It can be put to use by the older babies- after the first few weeks, breastfeeding will become easier for you and your baby as the nursing pillow will no longer be needed. But it can still come in handy once the baby starts moving around. It can be used for the tummy of the baby and for sitting up.

To conclude, as per recent publications, breastfeeding can be a challenging situation, especially for the first-time moms. You along with your baby would need to be aware of the techniques or methods of breastfeeding. This can or cannot go smoothly and a nursing pillow can come to your aid. A nursing pillow can be purchased from a physical store or an online store as well. Do look for attractive discounts in this regard.

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