Sisal Flooring Is Great To Cover Up!

Did you recently have new flooring and now you are looking for something to protect it? Well, if you decide to go with a sisal rug then you are making a great decision. A sisal rug compliments most of the floorings including hardwood flooring and laminate flooring. It will give your contemporary or modern furniture a nice and unique surface. Not only this, it will also blend very well with the old and new pieces caressing your area. One doesn’t buy a rug or a carpet only for its practical use; they uplift the décor of the area. They make the place warm, cozy and inviting. They have been used since ages underfoot but nowadays they are also used for hanging purpose. They are hanged on the wall and works as a decoration piece. Most importantly, it gives a feel of luxury. After all, there is nothing as comforting as finding a soft piece beneath your feet when you first put them on the floor after waking up!

Sisal is obtained from agave. It is grown without any use of fertilizers or pesticides. It is 100% natural and therefore fit for those houses where people are prone to allergy or asthma. Moreover, it doesn’t allow dust to trap. It is easy to clean and maintain. All it needs is regular vacuum cleaning.  However, it should not be used at a place with high traffic area and where liquid spills often. It will ultimately damage its fibers. Since sisal flooring should not be open to rain and snow, therefore, it is not ideal for the front entrance. Therefore, it is fit for other rooms such as bedroom, dining room, family room, living room. A sisal rug makes the place look grandeur and brings warmth to it.

Sisal rugs are easily available in various colors and designs. If you think that since it is 100% natural so you will find only limited shades, patterns, colors or designs then you are mistaken. That’s why you will find one which will go with the interior of your place whether it is modern, traditional or contemporary. The natural colors in which sisal is available are cream, yellow, beige, but it can be dyed and therefore are available in all colors in the market. In fact, they come with so many stylish borders that you can also hang them on the wall for the decoration purpose.

East African sisal rugs woven in Belgium are the best one because of their consistency and long fibers. It is a hard weaving rug perfect for your hardwood floor.

If you have been looking for the sisal flooring for long then now you can out your search on rest. At you will find exactly what you are looking for.  However, if you are not content with our collection and would like to make changes according to your requirements then we will provide you with the customized rug. Yes, you can create your own rug, the one which will have everything of your choice, from border to pattern, colors to shades, and fabric to texture.

So, if you are thinking of putting some extra flavor to your décor then a Sisal rug will not disappoint you.

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