Here’s how the Civil Litigation Professionals work by Daniel DeKoter Attorney

The legal process that is applied to non- criminal matters is referred to as civil litigation. Civil litigation is thus incorporated into a non-criminal argument to help produce a resolution. This is the process of solving a legal disagreement between two or more parties who search for compensation for damages suffered. The attorneys or the legal professionals who specialize in civil litigation are referred to as litigators. These professionals practice civil litigation by representing a party in a hearing, a trial, or an alternative resolution method, such as mediations or arbitrations. Daniel DeKoter Attorney is a legendary civil litigation attorney who has been serving the clients for more than three decades now.

Types of Civil Litigation- Daniel DeKoter Attorney Mentions Them

Civil litigation includes a varied range of disputes that will directly enact a number of legitimate problems. Thus, a civil litigator will need to specialize in a particular practice area. Some of the most common types of civil litigation include laws and disputes that involve tenants and landlords, products liability, environmental law, construction, intellectual property disputes, labor and employment issues, medical malpractice, real estate, anti-trust laws, education law and worker’s compensation.

About the Civil Litigation Professionals

The main responsibility of a civil litigation professional is to take on the dispute and oppositional position faced by the hired party. Thus, the professional civil litigator should have a strong knowledge of the legal matter and should understand completely the principles and facts of the basic dispute.

Listed below are the seven distinctive stages of civil litigation that a civil litigator needs to be familiar with:

  • Case investigation
  • Observation of pleadings
  • Discovery stage in which the evidences are gathered
  •  Pre- trial
  • The delivery and assessment of the settlement
  • The appeal process if needed

However, it has been found that in most of the cases they usually do not pass through each of the above mentioned state of litigation and are often settled prior to trial. Even for those cases that reach a trial verdict, most of them do not go for the appeal process. Because of the different stages and the variable subject matter included in each case, the duration of a civil lawsuit may range from some months to some years.

For any civil case, you should first speak with a lawyer who specializes in this area of the law. You should consult with the professional to know whether you the case is feasible or not and then hire a lawyer to represent you, thus improving your chance of winning.

Daniel DeKoter Attorney at present is associated with DeKoter, Thole & Dawson, P.L.C. firm as a partner and is licensed to practice across Iowa. He now serves on the Village Northwest Unlimited Board and at past he has been a member of the Sibley Kiwanis, Northwest Iowa Humane Society (president), Sibley Library Board, Iowa State Bar Association Legal Forms Committee, and many church boards. His main practice areas include personal injury; products liability; insurance defense; probate and estate planning.

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