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The live in caregiver visa Canada program was incredible well-known program which offered pathways for permanent residence for some of the temporary foreign workers in place called Canada. While pathways still exist, IRCC (Immigration, refugees and the Citizenship Canada) stopped issuing the new LCP work permits in the November 2014. This program is the component of the Canada’s temporary foreign worker programs. It was designed for enabling the Canadians for recruiting the foreign nationals for offering the home support or childcare for the senior or the people with the disabilities.

The live in caregiver visa is pretty unique within TFWB as it offers the direct pathway for permanent residence. The individuals with the 2 years of work experience on LCP work permit can apply for transition to the permanent residence. One requirement of live in caregiver is that caregivers reside with family for which they work for, which left them vulnerable for abuses as unpaid overtime, the poor working conditions or even worse. Since the status in the place called Canada depend on employer, the critics argued that program must be reformed for better protect safety of the live-in caregivers.

Apply for live in caregiver visa

The live in the requirement was lifted in the response but if the live in caregivers select for moving out, they need new LMIA (Labour market impact assessment) and work permits. The live out caregiver can no longer get considered part of LCP and would not get eligible for applying for the permanent residence under LCP. There was also the significant backlog of these applicants for permanent residence under it; it results in long processing time. In the response, the IRCC creates two new priority pathways. Applicants to caring for the children pathway and caring for people with the high medical needs pathway can be processed within 6 months.

While work experience of the live out caregivers cannot count towards regular in the live-in caregiver program, it can count towards work requirement for two new pathways. At same time, the IRCC announced which they can accept applications for the new LCP work permits if LMIA applications for position were received by the services Canada on or even prior to 2014, 30 November. If the services Canada or ESDC received LMIA application after the same date, you should apply for regular work permits, not LCP work permits.

Live in caregiver visa Canada program

You must also know that IRCC is no longer accepting any of the new applications to live in caregiver visa; you should apply for regular work permits which are supported by Labour market impact assessment. If you are the one who is working already in the Canada on LCP work permits, you can be eligible for applying for the permanent residence through the program of live-in caregiver program, caring for the children program and even for caring for the people with higher medical need programs too. If you are working as the caregiver on regular work permits, then you can be eligible for applying for the permanent residence too.

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