The Health Benefits of Owning a Dog

If you are a pet owner or ever owned a pet, you may be aware about the affection and fun a pet can bring into your home. Do you know that owning a pet is also good for your mental as well as physical health? Dogs play a significant role in reducing the anxiety level and depression. When you have a dog, he will encourage you to exercise and you will not feel lonely with his affectionate companionship. Taking them out for a walk and their playfulness will also improve your cardiovascular health.

You have a friendly dog and this will help your children to grow up more secure and stay active. Dogs are also good companions for older people and they give unconditional love to their masters. You can also ask your physician about the emotional support animal certification if you have some restrictions about pets in your housing society.


How Dogs Benefit in Improving Mood and Health?

Unlike other animals, dogs have evolved to be the best companions to humans. They can understand our behavior and emotions also. Recent studies have shown that dogs can understand many of the words we use in our daily life. They can notice even the slightest change in our tone of voice. A loyal dog will understand you by simply looking into your eyes.

Dog owners are aware of similar joys which you will experience in canine companions. They are giving good company for long, but recently, researchers have explored the benefits of owning them. The American heart association has revealed that ownership of dogs can reduce the risk of heart diseases and it is good for a healthier and longer life.

Some Benefits of Owning a Canine

People can deal with depression and anxiety in an easy way if they own a pet. On the other hand, dog owners are less likely to face depression and other mental problems; this is in comparison to those people who are living without pets.

This is noticed that people who own a dog will have a normal blood pressure in stressful situations than those people who live without pets. A study was conducted on the people suffering from hypertension. They were asked to adopt dogs from a shelter. It was noticed that their BP reduced significantly within a period of six months.

People who have a dog or a cat do not suffer from stress because their serotonin and dopamine level is increased. Both these chemicals are known for relaxation of mind. Pet owners also have lower triglyceride and cholesterol levels. It is also noticed that pet owners who have crossed the age of 65 will pay 30% less visits to their physicians than those who are living without pets. Many times you have to provide an emotional support animal certification to own a pet.

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