Benefits of folding bikes

The topmost advantage of folding bikes is that they can be easily carried anywhere, even in public transport. Second, less storage space. You do not need separate parking space for your bike, you can fold it and stack it away safely in a corner of your house or even in your cupboard. They can be folded and fit in any small place as well and does not require large storage space as well. If you are on a journey in your car, you can even mount your folding bike on your car roof safely so that wherever you go, you are ready to bike around. Many airlines allow carrying of folding bikes and that too without charging extra. Countries like Singapore and Britain have laws that allow folding bikes in public transport.

Tips to choose the best folding bike

It is you who have to decide which kind of folding bike you need as each type of folding bike differs in terms of its make and function.

Here are some pointers to help you choose the best folding bike based on the folding bike review:

Your riding habit: Before you buy the bike, you should think how often and in which places you wish to ride your bike. You get different folding bikes that are made for different kinds of riding such commuting, trekking or even recreational riding.

best folding bike16The right wheel size for you: Folding bikes come with the wheel size ranging from 14 inches to 26. Very small wheel size is not recommended. Also, check if replacement tires and tubes are available, so that in future, if you need them, you can get them easily.

The right components make the best bike: One common expectation that any biker would have is optimum performance of their bikes. Then, you will have to choose the best components so that the bike functions excellently. Focus on factors such as suspension, speed and others so that you have a well-performing bike. Always keep your requirement factor ahead of the want factor. It is what you need, that is more important. And remember, in a folding bike, the convenience of folding is what should rank foremost than any other factor.

More pointers: Also, the experience of the bike dealer, the cost, the warranty, the design, the brand, etc., will also have to be considered. It is always best to buy from registered dealer and if you are buying it online, do research around a bit to know more.

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