How To Choose The Perfect Bunk Beds For Your Kids

If you have more than one child or twins or like to organize sleep overs, bunk beds may be a practical option for you. Bunk beds are excellent for kid’s rooms.

 For starters, bunk beds are efficient for saving space, are available in various designs and styles and involve great fun time when you shop for the bed with your kids. Also, bunk beds are budget-friendly, safe and durable. Whether you have boys or girls, bunk beds are sure to be a hit and you can rest assured after tucking in your kids every night.

Now, there are hundreds of options out there with bunk beds- they come in all sorts of colors, sizes and shapes. So how do you make the right choice? You can go in for following tips:

  • First measure the room

Before you begin shopping for super cute designs of bunk beds, do a good measurement of the room and determine where you want it to be placed. Making such measurements will help you decide what type of bunk bed would be the right choice and you will also realize what size to look for, to fit the kid’s room properly.

  • Ensure it is age-appropriate

Based on how old your kids are, you may desire the bunk beds to feature good safety features. In case of bunk beds for twin toddlers, both the beds in the bunk beds must feature sturdy safety railings. In case kids are of different ages, the top bunk should be for the older kids as younger toddlers may face difficulty in climbing up and down the ladder. In case of toddlers, it is good to purchase a low-profile bunk bed.

  • Pick a design or type

Despite what most people think, there are plenty of designs for choosing bunk beds. They may differ from being simple or complex and may come in a variety of configurations. Based on the available space, overall design of room and requirements of the kids, you must be able to narrow down your choice to a few designs.

  • Determine crucial features

Different designs and different bunk beds stress on various features. You must determine what features suit your needs most and search for appropriate designs. For instance, you may desire that the bunk beds incorporate lots of storage or a large desk. Or you may be looking for a design that matches personality of your kids. Determining these features will help you choose the beds.

  • Ensure it is sturdy

Kids may seem fragile and delicate but they are quite rowdy and active. Hence you will certainly want kid’s furniture like bunk beds to be sturdy to withstand hard use by kids. So while choosing bunk beds, go in for sturdy feature of the beds. You can shake it physically to get an idea, before you buy kids bunk beds.

  • Ensure it is versatile

Certainly you don’t want to shop for bunk beds every year, for the needs of growing children. Kids may outgrow bunk beds in a year or two. Based on how big your kids are, it is wise to search for beds with removable safety features like guard rails. Also, go in for a design that your kids will not grow bored of quickly.

These are a few tips to choose bunk beds for your kids.

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