Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL: Specs and Price

Google has a history with the code name of their devices: last year, Pixel-phones were “sailing vessels” and “Marlin”, the Nexus 6P was “fishing”, and Nexus 5X was “sculpin”. Traditionally, it seems that Google can do the same for the Google Pixel 2 series, and it seems that these names can be “walleye” and “muskie”, although the future of musk is now contested.

Do not sit back, although, as it seems, there may be a third Pixel device, codenamed “Taimen”, which, of course, is also a water animal. The relative size of these three fish can give us an idea of ​​the size or specifications of future devices: the taimen is larger than the musk and crazy, and also in another family. Does this mean that the Taimenian phone will be more than musky or crazy? Perhaps it’s a tablet, not a phone? Maybe it will not be branded as a pixel?

In any case, the device, codenamed Taimen, just appeared on Geekbench. Someone with a prototype tested it with a standard, which means results, and their understanding of the device’s functions is now available to the entire world. Instead of confirming the chipset through the information on the motherboard specified in the system information, it simply says “taimen.” We also see that it has a Qualcomm octano-core processor – most likely Snapdragon 835. It is also found that the Google Taimen device contains 4 GB of RAM. Although this is now standard, some users will no doubt be a bit disappointed that a more than 6-year warranty for the future has not been provided. Of course, at the time of testing Taimen launched Android O.

It looks like LG can produce Taimen, since Google can hardly be detected in the Android Tracker, according to 9to5Google. In the error report from March of the LG employee for violation of the incompatibility of the USB PD, a response was received to the request to close the record and re-open it in the “Android> Partner> External> LGE>Taimen> power” section , which indicates that LG is building a new device. There is also a report that Google postpones “muskets” in favor of a larger “Taimen”.

What do we think about the new flagship of Google Pixel 2?

For Pixel 2, Google focuses on the higher level of the smartphone market. This means that the previous rumors about a cheaper version of Pixel 2 release will not be proven. While this will be a discontent to those who are looking for a more inexpensive Pixel, the good news is that Pixel 2 will also be premium smartphone as its predecessor. This, however, remains to be seen before his arrival this year.


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