The best way to improve the performance of android mobile

The impacts of android operating system in the mobile world are the most importantly mentionable one. It has made a revolution in the mobile devices as well tabs. If you happen to see any of the hand held devices like Smartphone then the probability of being an android device is tremendously high. The excess usage of smart phones has also created problem in the performances. Many android applications are started to prevail in the internet that could help to improve the performance. Such kinds of apps can be got from the 9apps download website. Apart from that you can do your contribution in improving the performance of your smart phone.

Tips that could help you to improve the performance

Decrease in the performance means that your mobile phone is slowing down when you are operating it. There are some ways that could clear this problem. They are as follows.

Before installing lots of apps, you should explore the options of android mobile phone to know the capacity. You should not dumb your mobile with overloaded apps. This could slow down your mobile device.

When you are buying your mobile phone, it would contain number of preloaded apps. All that you need to do is you should uninstall the unwanted apps that will never use.  Also delete the apps which will be used by in rare cases. This saves the space and the loading time of your android mobile phone. If you have purchased any of the apps, then you may have the doubt whether you could delete the apps before the limited period or not. Once you have purchased an app, you would use a Gmail account. So you can login that particular account to download it again.


You should download the regular updates which are released by the smart phone manufactures so it will update your version of the operating system. The updated version of the operating system will support all kinds of newly released apps. You should turn off option of synchronization in unwanted apps because the synchronization will provide lot of notifications often. This could reduce the performances of android devices. Turn on whenever you need the important notifications. Installing widget will be commonly seen on every ones mobiles. Like any other applications, widgets do not run in the back ground. All other applications have some back ground running processes. Widgets will be enabling only when you attempt to run them. Until then they do not run in the background. So you can keep few widgets which are very much essential to you.

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