The Difference Between Regular Web Browser and Proxy Browser –

If you want to access websites anonymously, you have two options. You can either use your existing browser in incognito mode every single time, or you can get Somiibo Proxy Browser. The problem of surfing in incognito mode is that you have to open it every single time and your browser history is not saved so you cannot go back and check out what you accessed. That is why so many internet users have started to use the proxy browsers in daily life to surf internet securely. There is a misconception that such browsers are not legal, and you can get into trouble but these are absolutely incorrect, and you should ditch a regular web browser while doing monetary transactions and dealing with multiple accounts.

Different Between A Web Browser And Proxy Browser –

A web browser exposes your computer to the different websites you send request to open. Therefore, websites can trace you by your IP address and collect data without your permission. If any website contains malicious malware or virus, you can easily get access to your personal data and your computer as a whole. Furthermore, it makes your computer prone to eavesdropping and hacking. Besides the security part, you cannot open more than one account on the same website using a web browser. For example, you have two Facebook accounts, you cannot open them simultaneously which could be a problem in different scenarios. But all these shortcomings in a regular web browser can be overcome easily with a proxy-based browser.

Using a general web browser with uses proxy server, you can surf the internet anonymously. It is because when you send your request to access a website, it goes to the proxy server instead of to the web server where the website is stored. Therefore, the intermediate proxy server hides your identity and uses a different IP address instead of your original IP address. Hence, there is no question of tracing and tracking your personal data. So all the security flaws in a normal web browser are taken care of, but you still cannot access two accounts on the same website. If you want to do that, you have to install Somiibo Proxy Browser where every new tab you open in the browser is treated as a new proxy server and hence, you can access multiple accounts on the same website comfortably. Every new tab will be considered as a new user by the website.

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