Ultra high battery power of Galaxy S9 is unbelievable

Right now the top three of the TOP of the most powerful Android mobile phones on the market include at least one of Samsung’s flagships. To put into context the results we mentioned, we can say that the Xperia XZ Premium obtained 176,957 points in the same test, and the P10 of Huawei, 134,132 points.

Although these benchmarks should be interpreted with some caution (each performance test depends on dozens of factors: mobile temperature, background processes, connectivity …), the scores that AnTuTu scores in this test are the best example of That the maximum screen resolution of this mobile is not at all a drag on your processor.

They have caught OnePlus cheating on performance tests (again)

In the other performance tests, which we used to do through the applications of 3DMark (in the SlingShot 1.0 test) and Geekbench 4, the Samsung Galaxy S8 reaches 3,954 and 1,902 / 6,540 points, respectively. It is highly expected that the forthcoming Samsung Galaxy S9 will score the highest among them by beating all its rivals by having all the latest features which deserve every euro of this smartphone.

The things which we really didn’t like in S8 – Part of the options available on the Samsung Experience present too many mixed settings on screens that, in addition, force you to go through several menus until you reach specific options.

Between that, and that the different sections of the application of Adjustments are organized in an almost random way, finding an option as simple as the consumption of the battery can end up becoming a headache. Luckily, the configuration section includes a search engine that should serve us when we want to modify any specific settings. According to an investor, we won’t feel any such kind of botheration in Samsung Galaxy S9.

In any case, we are not going to devote more words to the section of the interface. Of what it is worth it that we speak more in depth is the battery since it is not necessary to forget that between S8 + and Galaxy S8 there is 500 mAh of difference. As far as the battery efficiency is concerned, Samsung Galaxy S9 will put a smile on your face with its Non-removable Li-Ion 4500 battery capacity. Does it show up on a daily basis? We analyze it in the next section, the one of “Battery”.

Battery: arrives without problems at the end of the day

Although on paper the Samsung Galaxy S8 has 500 mAh less battery than its big brother, the 3,000 mAh capacity of this model has not made us miss in any time a bigger battery. If with the S8 + we were able to arrive without problems until the end of the day with a 30 or 40% of remaining battery, in this one we have also done, only that at the end of the day we were left with a 20% autonomy still To consume. Good figures for everyday use in a terminal of this caliber. No words to appreciate the battery efficiency of Galaxy S9 – so durable, so reliable, fast charging in just half an hour up to 100% without getting overheated.

Source: EdgeGalaxyS9.com


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