Autumn Vacation

An Autumn Vacation in Vancouver

Vacations are a time of fun and relaxation, while a lot of people prefer to go to the mostly visited places like London and Disneyland; there are others who prefer to go to a new place every vacation and explore the beauty of God’s creation all over the globe.

This British Columbia city, Vancouver, is a year round world class destination for vacation; it is a coastal sea port city in Canada and sees all four seasons of the year very vividly. Every season brings with it different activities and means of enjoyment, and hence, if you have never seen autumn in its full bloom, you can surely make Vancouver you next vacation stop.

One of the best things about being in Vancouver is that you do not have to have any kind of hassles related to your stay here; accommodations are easily available and are guaranteed to give you an exhilarating and relaxing experience. To add to this queue of luxurious hotels in the city, Dean Kirkland WA has begun his latest project on the 192nd Plaza, which is an overwhelming luxurious hotel of 83 rooms all of which are suites.

The natural wilderness and beauty is something that it is known for, the transition and the changing colors of the nature is a rare sight but an experience of a life time. You could go hiking along the wild trails and watch animals gather their food stock for the colder season or the multiple colors of the fallen leaves, and appreciate the beauty of creation. The canopies with its vibrant and excellent hues as well as the earth scattered with foliage is something that is a treat for the nature lovers. The Stanley Park and the Pacific Spirit Park are the two places that will help you heightened this experience.

 The season of autumn in Vancouver brings with it various activities that any tourist can opt to do and enjoy his/her stay here. To begin with you could catch up with a game of hockey at the NHL or National Hockey League that kicks in with the beginning of October. The excitement increases with each match and reaches its height in May. Buying a ticket just outside the arena and enjoying a game of hockey with crazy and enthusiastic fans surrounding the arena is a totally different experience.

An extremely rare thing that can be found only in Vancouver is the Tofina and Ucuelet Storm Watching. While in general people prefer staying away from storms, this part of Vancouver has been drawing tourists from all over just to view Nature’s power and beauty simultaneously. The Okanagan Wine Harvest is another attraction for all the wine lovers and even those who love to visit vineyards as there are several open for tourist visits.

So, you see the magnificent hotels by developers like Dean Kirkland WA and the unconventional places of visit are attraction enough for anyone to visit Vancouver at least once for a vacation.

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