Travel by bus from KL to Genting

Genting Highlands: the pleasant stay in Malaysia

The Genting group of companies has much business one of their important business is the Genting hotels and resorts in Malaysia. This hill side resort is situated in Titiwangsa Mountains which is in between the two states of Malaysia. If you are staying in KL and you would like to reach Genting resorts then there are any modes of transportation. If you want to reach the place by the cheapest mode of transportation then travel by bus from KL to Genting will be the best choice. If you want to reach Genting quickly then you can use the Genting skyway, with which it takes only one hour to reach the place.

Travel by bus from KL to GentingThe main point of attraction in the Genting resorts is the indoor and the outdoor theme park which serves as the destination of fun point. The entire resort is filled with full of entertainment and the resort also has casino which can afford the business people. Casino de Genting is the casino owned by Genting group of companies in Malaysia. The resort is composed with five hotels within it and among those five the first hotel holds the world record for the world’s largest hotel in the year of 2006 and it continued to be the largest hotel till 2008. The five hotels of the resort are the Genting Hotel, Maxims Hotel, Resort Hotel, Theme park Hotel and First world hotel. When talking about the nightlife of the resort it is composed of Karaoke which can give you the cloud 9 experiences and the Genting club is filled with the utmost enjoyment.

The Genting skyway is the longest lift way that can be used to reach the Genting Highland resorts. This lift can be used by the adventure lovers as it can give you the thrilling experience of one hour. The resort is mainly composed of a theme park which has been closed for renovation works to make it as the 20th century Fox world. Other entertainment features such as snow world, Sky walk, and Video Game Park can be used as usual.


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