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Other Ways to Get Canadian PR Apart from the Express Entry

The visa for permanent residency of Canada is one of the most popular forms of visa category all over the world. It is completely due to the good reputation of the country and they are too friendly and welcoming nation. There are many people who are inspired by the infrastructure, social security, multicultural society, job opportunities, very good development index of human and the landscape beauty. These this inspires and attracts many people to travel or migrate to this prosperous country. There are many people who aspire and struggle hard to Immigration Consultants for Canada.

If facts all over the world are to be believed Canada has to best and unique features all over the world. The well-structured consultants for Canada have helped making the entire processing much easier. Express entry best and the easiest way for getting an entry to Canada, but apart from this there are many other ways of immigration as well. Thousands of applicants apply through express entry every year to get a good and a new experience in life. The Government of Canada has various other structured programs for people with different profession fields.

Some alternative ways offered by immigration consultancy services provider:

Work Permit for Canada-You can easily apply for the work permit in Canada for around 4 years then later it easily gets converted to PR once you could manage to complete all the requirements needed for the entire process. So as to become eligible for the same you will have to acquire approved LMIA job offer from reputed employers in Canada. Canada immigration consultant would help you out for the same.

Permit for study in Canada-This is a very important thing that you must note if you want to get PR in Canada. If you could manage to get enough of experience in Canada then automatically your study permit will get converted to PR. The federal government over there has removed the process of applying for permanent residency for Canada. All the international students get CRS points to apply for the permanent residence which could be possible only through the express entry system. Consultants for Canada have every possible way to help their customers out.

Sponsorship for family programs- This program can also help you get the permanent residence in Canada. It is applicable for your spouse, children and parents. If someone is already a permanent resident of Canada they can easily sponsor their family members. Recently the government over there has announced many new and quite effective tools for the entire application. The processing time for the same has been reduced from 2 years to 12 months. Canada Immigration consultant is proving to be the best these days.

Business Visa- The business visas in Canada offers you with permanent residency to apply for your families as well but it’s that you need to meet the required criteria. Through this you could easily get the entry in the new country.

Thus, all these were some other ways that immigration consultants for Canada would offer you with apart from express entry.


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