Top 5 Lovely Ways To Use Elegant Flowers In Your Wedding

A wedding without flowers would be like a beach without sand and cake without cream. So, flowers are one of the most important, beautiful and visually appealing parts of any wedding. There are a ton of flowers available in year-round like Roses, Carnations, Hydrangeas, Alstroemeria (Peruvian lily), Callas and Orchids, just to name a few.

They are used in the whole range of styles and all types of wedding arrangements. From wedding venue decoration, bridal bouquet, backdrops, centerpieces, buttonholes, corsages, thank you bouquet, on the aisle and many other arrangements. Also, they bring a sense of style, scent, and sophistication to a wedding theme and color scheme. Nowadays you can order your wedding flowers through the internet. Most of the online floral designers offer same day delivery flowers in London services.

Wedding and flowers are a perfect match, with a decadent and powerful combination of color, emotions, and celebration. Most of the people think that how can they use their favorite blooms in their wedding. Here are 5 sensational ideas to get you started.

  1. On the Altar 

Beautiful and fresh flowers are a great way to decorate the place where you exchange your vows. You can also tell your florist to use a combination of your favorite flowers and some green foliages for the decoration of your altar. This can be the better way to add a wow factor and your altar could be your most important and memorable location of your wedding day. 

  1. Bridal Bouquets 

Wedding flowers play an integral part of any wedding. They are used for both decorations and tradition. Flowers are used in wedding bouquets for brides. It is a tradition for all the brides to hold a beautiful bunch of flowers during their wedding ceremony. The wedding bouquet is considered as a sign of happiness. And the main reason for carrying a bunch of flowers to avoid evil spirits, ill health, and bad luck.

During the Roman times, most of the brides follow their tradition and carrying the wedding bouquet which signifies her new life with good luck, hope for fertility and always stay away from evil spirits. After the wedding ceremony, the bride will toss their bunch of flowers over her shoulder. Because it is also a belief that whoever catches the bouquet is the next in line to be married.

  1. Buttonholes 

Most of the smaller head flowers can be used for buttonholes. Buttonholes are also known as boutonnière. Boutonnières are a floral decoration or a small bunch of flowers, usually mixed with fragrant herbs that are pinned to the lapel of a suit jacket that is very close to their heart to ward off evil spirits. It is also a tradition for grooms to wear a buttonhole during their wedding ceremony. It was also a belief that these evil spirits would cause the groom to turn his heart against the bride and refuse to love her. 

  1. Corsages 

A corsage is a small bunch of flowers usually worn by brides on their wedding gown or worn around her wrist. A corsage consists of two or more focal flowers complimented by greenery or fillers. While choosing your corsage, remember one thing that it should match with your wedding dress. Most of the brides prefer roses as their corsages, but you can choose many other flowers like orchids, calla lilies, carnations, and many others for your corsages. 

  1. Centerpieces 

With beautiful flowers, wedding centerpieces are one of the easiest ways to decorate the tables that are placed in your wedding ceremony. They are known as one of the decorative wedding elements that every guest will notice when they sit on the chairs to eat. Always choose wedding table centerpieces according to your wedding theme, color, and style.


Flowers can be used in countless ways to create visual points of beauty and interest in the wedding. By using different varieties of flowers, you can make the fantastic backdrops.

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